Dre-ngo (Roasted Rice)

I love tibetan food.

Simply Tibetan, Simply Delicious

Who doesn’t love Dre-ngo ? Has it been a while since you had some ? You love it but don’t know how its made? Well, today’s your lucky day – I’m here to tell you how to make it!!!


While I was in Dharamsala last month, I came across an old Tibetan lady, with small spread of a few of bags of dre-ngo, chura, and tsampa in a makeshift shop, right in front of the Tsuglakhang gate. I was in quite a bit of a hurry but the dre-ngo immediately caught my eye and I had to stop.  I said, “Amala, dre-ngo shimdo khapo chig du – drowa ta na digi rey pey ?” (Amala, Dre-ngo looks very good, can I have a taste?). She leans over and pulls one bag over, unwraps the knot, opens it and offers me a taste, “Here, taste it – its fresh and very…

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